What is this?

This is a fully functional planetarium. It is portable and can be set up at your facility. The 18 foot dome inflates with a single fan and is accessed through a special double-door air-lock.   The floor of the planetarium is the floor of the room it is in.  See this video.

Can the planetarium be set up outside?

The planetarium is intended for indoor use only.  

Who will run the planetarium programs?

I will. My name is Marc Rouleau. I have been a planetarium educator for 22 years, including at  planetariums in Massachusetts, Texas, Florida, Minnesota, and in Sharjah, UAE.  I have a degree in physics from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.  My wife and I have two school-age boys.  

How many students can fit in the planetarium?

A class's worth, about 25 - 30 students.

What ages/grades can have a planetarium program?

 I have programs for students from pre-K to high school.   

Is it handicap accessible?

 Yes, access can be made for those with special needs.  


What if the power goes out during the program?

A battery back-up system will keep the fan running, allowing for orderly egress.  Auxiliary lights are also available in the planetarium in case of power failure.  Quick exits are also possible simply by lifting the edge of the dome from the inside and opening up the entire area to the rest of the room (this takes less than five seconds).  

Does the planetarium have an adequate fire certificate rating?

 Yes.  A copy of the certificate is available upon request.   

Does the planetarium have proper insurance?

 Yes.  Details available upon request.   

What do I need?

You’ll need a room with enough empty space to accommodate the inflated dome, roughly  20’ x 20’ x 11’ (usually an unused gymnasium or cafeteria). The dome can conform  to lower ceilings, provided there are no sharp bits or hot lights. For the benefit of the participants, the room should not be in use at the time of the programs.  You will also need to have two electrical outlets available.  

What programs are available?

Currently the planetarium has a selection of full-dome video programs which can be supplemented by a tour of the current night sky. Future program options (based on state curricula) are in development.

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